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River City Drywall’s base price includes hanging ½” wallboard on the interior walls and 5/8” fire rated wallboard on the ceilings and garage walls adjacent to the house.

Water resistant wallboard installed at wet areas (behind toilets, sinks and washer/dryers areas). Tile backer board installed at tubs and showers.

Our standard installation of wallboard is to nail the edge and screw the field. (Nails at the edge of the wallboard are covered with joint tape which usually prevents nail pops.)

We prefer to walk the house with the Builder or the Builders representative prior to installing the insulation and after we have stocked the wallboard.

This gives us the opportunity to see if there is any problems that would affect the drywall process and give the builder time to make any corrections.

We take the time to mark the floors with spray paint to identify the locations of switches, outlets, recesses lights, registers, wires, pipes etc..

his process assist us in locating the above items after the hanging process is completed.